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Scissors, Calculator, and a Beige Coat is the graduate project of Helena Dong from Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) at RMIT University.


As a capsule collection, an online text-based game, and a performance piece, this project carries themes of resourcefulness and independence based on a series of events and self-reflections from Helena's childhood, following her migration to Australia.


The aim of Scissors, Calculator, and a Beige Coat is to amplify the interactions between the viewer, the designer, the performer, and the garment within a fashion presentation context.


This project also seeks to heighten audience participation through this text-based game by producing outcomes that are influenced by the player's contribution.

> Game instructions



This game presents you with narrative scenarios that are minimal and empathetic in nature.


As the player, consider this as a choose-your-own-adventure story where you are the protagonist, make decisions that feel right to you, and pay attention to the accompanying images. The particular choices that you make will be reflected in the garments, either through structural transformations or bodily gestures.


Once you reach a conclusion, you will have the opportunity to view the full sequence of actions that correspond your storyline. You can also choose to submit your ending.


There are 62 possible endings to this story, which means that the original outfit configuration also has the capacity to shift into 62 final appearances.


Begin now, and see where your decisions may lead you.